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Motorway Gantries

Woodburn Engineering have manufactured and installed motorway gantries across Northern Ireland. We were even selected by Traffic Research Limited (London), from UK wide competition,to provide a standard gantry for their comprehensive testing proceedure.

This innovative design from Gifford has been adopted by the DOE roads service to provide electronic signalling to the carriageways of Northern Ireland. The structure, which is designed to withstand magor impacts, represents a step forward in lightweight design and provides easy access for maintenance

Fabrication is to the highest standards, and our quality planning incorporates testing at each key stage, from arrival of materials to completed installation. With more than 650 separate component parts, programming of work requires careful attention to detail.
With a requirement of 20 years to first maintenance, special protective coatings are applied in controlled conditions in a specialist paint shop in England. Independent testing ensures that the required coverage is achieved in line with the design specifications.
Some gantries exceed 30m in length, so movement to site requires detailed route planning. This is achieved through consultation with the traffic branch.
Site installation of the gantry is carried out overnight at the weekend to minimise disruption to other road users. Health and safety issues are extremely important, so written procedures have been developed and implemented to cover all forseeable eventualities.
We like to think that our work is contributing to safer roads across the country, and take pride in being associated with such innovative designs.
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