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Woodburn have manufactured and installed road bridges and footbridges; across motorways and railways, rivers and canals.

We have a stock of standard bridge designs which can be selected and adapted for the client, or a brand new bridge design can be undertaken on their behalf.

We will then manufacture the bridge and have the required coating applied. Woodburn will arrange transport of the bridge to its destination, and its subsequent installation.

Some of our recent bridges are detailed below.

A1N1 Footbridge, Dundalk
Client - Northroute/SIAC

Woodburn fabricated and installed a 60m covered footbridge across the new motorway at Dundalk, near Dublin.

River Roe Footbridge, Limavady
Client - Graham Construction

A 20m long footbridge with a truss design manufactured and installed by Woodburn.

The bridge was designed in one piece to be a strong lightweight structure, with a 400mm camber for asthetic purposes.
Bridge, Victoria Park
Client - Lagan Construction

Woodburn manufactured and installed a bridge in Victoria Park, Belfast.

The bridge was to be capable of carrying park maintenance machinery, as well as providing park access for members of the public.

Footbridges, BP Terminal Belfast
Client - Belfast Harbour

Woodburn manufactured and installed two tubular footbridges at the BP oil terminal in Belfast.

Canal Footbridge, Strabane
Client - PT McWilliams

This 15m long walkway was manufactured and installed by Woodburn over the canal in Strabane.

This bridge uses the Vierendeel truss for its structure.

Malone Railway Footbridge, Belfast
Client - McLaughlin and Harvey

The footbridge and staircases were manufactured and installed by Woodburn over the railway tracks between Kings Hall and Malone College.

Its lightweight design means that this 18m bridge weighs only 4.8 tonnes.

Railway Bridge, Poyntzpass
Client - Doran Consulting

Woodburn manufactured and installed this bridge across the railway line between Dubin and Belfast.

Over 3m wide, 35m long and in 3 sections the bridge had to be capable of carrying large agricultural plant.
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