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Safety and Access

Most construction projects require the contractor to provide a range of access for the convenience and safety of the client.

We can offer our clients safe, economic and well-designed solutions to access problems, in both steel and stainless steel construction. Our range of products includes:


- Stairways
- Fire Escapes
- Platforms and Walkways
- Mezzanine Floors
- Steel Flooring
- Ladders and Safety Cages
- Handrails and Balustrade
- Gates and Barriers
- Balconies



Our products have been installed in a range of environments, and comply with all the relevant Building Regulations and Health and Safety Directives. Some of the diverse applications include:


- Water Treatment Works
- Sewage Treatment Works
- Building and Construction
- Factories
- Housing and Schools
- Mines and Quarries
- Power Stations
- Shopping Centres



We think our range of products will give you value and quality within your construction budget.
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