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Orkneys Tidal Turbine Installation

Woodburn's most challenging and prestigious project to date was to provide the steel structure neccessary to install the first tidal turbine at the European Energy Institute in the Orkney Islands.

Working along with Dublin based company OpenHydro and McLaughlin and Harvey, Woodburn constructed the innovative steel piling frame, and spent several months offshore completing the frame installation.
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The electrical plant and monitoring equipment is stored in the yellow container above water. The turbine can be raised up and down the legs for maintenance and improvement work to be carried out on the prototype.

Woodburn were delighted to be included in such an important project, which is likely to revolutionise green energy in the coming years.

The piling frame constructed for installation of the turbine structure is shown below. The frame was over 12m x 18m and weighed over 35 tonnes.

The frame was then transported to site at the Orkney Islands, and brought out to sea using self elevating jack up barges 'Octupus' and 'JB-107'.

A team from Woodburn worked offshore for several months, welding and installing the frame to allow the expensive prototype turbine to be fitted safely and securely. The turbine is now being extensively tested by OpenHydro, who hope to install many more of these turbines around the world.

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