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Peat Harvesters

Woodburn produce the Mona Vac range of Peat Harvesting equipment. We produce vacuum harvesters, aeration equipment and specialised large wheel trailers. Details of the Mona Vac range are given below.

Mona Vac Vacuum Harvester

- Designed for pneumatic extraction of milled peat with one-man operation
- Low ground pressure tyres fitted on two tandem axles with heavy duty hubs
- Corrosion resistant aluminium collection drum
- Centrifugal type blower with custom designed blades specially suited to peat
- High production rates and high labour efficiency for low capital outlay
- Powered from tractor by power take off shaft through a step-up gear box

- Mona Vac harvester coupled to tractor is towed across area to be harvested
- With pick-up nozzle in lift position, peat is pneumatically lifted from surface
- Peat deposited in collection drum by blower generated vacuum air flow
- To empty, two hydraulic rams lift the drum into tipping position

Mona Vac Aerator

- Designed for aerating/harrowing the milled peat surface to speed drying
- Fitted with two heavy duty low ground pressure steel rollers (sealed bearings)
- Spoon type harrow blades used for maximum effectiveness

- Mona Vac aerator coupled to tractor is towed across area to be harvested
- Spoon blades lift, turn over and ridge the milled peat
- Increased surface area causes the peat to dry more rapidly
- Faster drying rates means Increased harvesting frequency

Mona Vac Trailer

- Designed for transporting bulk materials eg. milled peat, wood chips, grain
- Robust construction with fully welded, high paint specification chassis
- Low pressure gorund tyres on heavy duty hubs and high clearance axle
- Corrosion resistant aluminium body
- Hydraulically operated tipping mechanism (double acting ram)
- Manufactured to customer's specification






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