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Woodburn Engineering have production facilities located in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland. An expansion in 2003 saw additional fabrication bays added, with overhead crane access. We plan to further expand our facilities in the near future, and double our local production capacity.

Woodburn's design engineers and highly skilled workforce can produce a varied range of steel structures to the highest quality and provide solutions to unique engineering problems. Contact us with any steelwork queries you may have, and a solution can be provided.


Along with steel fabrication and site installation, Woodburn has the know-how to be able to offer our clients a number of additional services within the steel manufacture and construction industry.

We can supply:

- Experienced erectors and coded welders
- Emergency maintenance and repair teams
- Offshore installation teams

These services have been successfully employed by our clients in a range of projects to date. The cases below provide an insight to the range of services we can offer.

Marine Works

Woodburn are often required to work at coastal locations.

Examples include:
- Sheet piling at new Victoria Terminal
- Carrickfergus Marina repairs
- Quayside repairs
- Ship fenders
- StenaLine Terminal repair

Our health and safety record in this area is impeccable.

Offshore Work

Woodburn had a team working offshore for six months in the Orkney Islands.

We were able to supply a welding team, general labour and equipment to help the whole operation run smoothly.

Welders and Welding Equipment

We can provide a team of expert coded welders, fitters, supervisors and all neccessary welding equipment for the client.

By allowing us to manage all your welding requirements, some of the pressure can be relieved from those busy projects. We also can supply 24 hour shifts when required

- Victoria Square Shopping Centre, Belfast
- Victoria Terminal 4, Belfast
- Tidal Turbine, Orkney Islands

Emergency Repair Work

Woodburn are often called upon to complete emergency repair to various steel structures such as;

- Road and Rail Bridges
- Ship Fenders
Marine Bridges

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